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Tensors can be defined as geometrical objects that can be used to describe physical properties like scalars, vectors and other tensors. The rank of a tensor is defined by the number of directions needed for its description. The rank of the tensor is also called as the order of the tensor. Tensors find its application in various fields of physics like electric susceptibility, thermal conductivity, elasticity, thermal expansion, heat capacity, enthalpy, polarization, stress and strain etc.

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Our experts have successfully delivered tensor assignment and homework on various topics. Some of these topics are mentioned below.

  • Tangent Vector

  • Tangent Space

  • Pushforward (Differential)

  • Tangent Bundle

  • Cotangent Space

  • Cotangent Bundle

  • Tensor Bundle

  • Vector Field

  • Magnitude of a property in a given direction

  • The radius-normal property

  • Tensor Field

  • Christoffel symbols

  • Contravarient vectors and tensors

  • geodesics and asymptotic lines

  • Differential Form

  • Abstract Index Notation

  • Transforming the basis

  • Transforming a vector

  • Ricci Calculus

  • Penrose Graphical Notation

  • Component-Free Notation

  • Einstein Summation Convention

  • Tensor Product

  • Exterior Derivative

  • The effects of crystal symmetry

  • Transforming a second rank tensor

  • Transforming a nthrank tensor

  • Einstein summation convention

  • Voigt Notation

  • Principal axes

  • Lie Derivative

  • Raising Or Lowering An Index

  • Pullback (Differential Geometry)

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