General Queries

Q? Is it ethical to take math assignment help or math project help?

Yes it is ethical to ask for help. Just to give you a glimpse of why it is ethical -

  • Many times students fail to prioritize assignments and projects and end up getting bad grades. Rather than working half heartedly on all assignments, it is better to give your best to the topics you like and delegate the other topics to us.
  • Many students work part-time and hence they do not get enough time as compared to their classmates to work on the assignments and homework.
  • Students who do not wish to continue with Math in the future and wish to make their career in singing, dancing, playing sports or any other field which does not require mastery over math; they can concentrate on their career and leave the Math assignment solution to us. This help them to focus on what they achieve and score better in Math without putting much efforts.

Q? Why should I go for Math Assignment Experts?

We are the leaders in online Math Assignment help and we have a team of experts for every topic that is listed on our website. Some of the features of our service that makes us unique are:

  • Our services vary as per variations in academic level – Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate
  • All our experts are PhD or Master’s degree holder in Mathematics, Statistics or Economics
  • Our customers appreciate the quality and originality of the solution
  • 100% plagiarism free quality solution
  • We follow the referencing style as per student’s requirements
  • All the orders are delivered to students before the given deadline
  • We provide services at the lowest possible prices and we have secure payment options
  • We have 24x7 live support to address your queries and give you updates on your assignments
  • Your privacy is guaranteed.

Q? Why should I trust Math Assignment Experts?

Math Assignment Experts is a leader in online math help and we are in this business since the more than 5 years. We have a policy of choosing experts from premium institutes after taking 3 rounds of interviews. This guarantees the quality and originality of the solution. We have a 24x7 live chat and E-mail support to help you clarify your doubts and get updates on your order.

Since we provide unmatched online math service, we have almost 100% customer satisfaction which reflects from the feedback shared with us by our customers

Q? What services do you provide?

We offer online math help, customized as per student’s academic level, university and assignment requirements. We provide online math help on the services listed below:

  • Online Math Assignment Help
  • Online Math Homework Help
  • Online Math Thesis writing Help
  • Online Math Essay writing Help
  • Online Math Dissertation Help
  • Online Math Literature Review writing help
  • Online Math Term Paper writing Help
  • Online Math Research Paper writing Help
  • Online Math Coursework
  • Online Math Tutoring
  • Online Math Exam Preparation Help
  • Help in choosing a topic for Math Dissertation or Math Thesis

Assignment/ Project Help related Queries

Q? I do not find my assignment topic in your Math catalogue; can you still provide me excellent quality assignment?

We have designed our catalogue based on the topics on which maximum number of assignments solutions are given by our experts. Hence all the popular Mathematics topics are listed on our website. But we do have highly qualified experts and problem solvers who can work on any Math topic. Be assured to get the best possible solution no matter what your topic is!

Q? Can you solve problems on each and every topic in my assignment?

Absolutely Yes! Our problem solver team is expert in solving any Math topic under the sky.

Q? What do you do with the solution you provide me?

We save the solution in our system for the period of 2 months considering if you misplace the solution, we should be able to provide it to you again. After 2 months, we delete the solution from the system. Unlike other online help companies, we do not resell the solutions as we believe in providing exclusivity to our students

Services related Queries

Q? Can I directly talk to the expert?

You cannot directly talk to our experts. As per our privacy policy, we do not share details of the students or experts with anyone. The details remain within our company. If you wish to clarify your doubts or convey your requirements then our 24×7 customer service staff can facilitate your discussion with our experts.

Q? How much time does it take to complete the order?

The time taken to complete the order depends on the number of words in the assignment/ project (1000+ words, 5000+ words etc), the number of problems in the assignment, the complexity of the assignment and the deadline. We have already provided guidelines to the experts to deliver the assignment at least 9 hours before the deadline. An assignment can be completed anywhere between the time period of 6 hours and 4 weeks.

Payment Related Queries

Q? What currencies do you accept?

All our payments are made through Paypal which is one of the most secured payment methods. Our preferred currencies are GBP from UK students and USD from rest of the countries.

Q? Do you charge for revision of assignment?

The revision comes free of cost if the expert did not provide the solution as per student’s requirement. If the student changes requirement after the assignment delivery then we charge the students for revision. We do not entertain any requests for revisions in the order after a period of one month post delivery of the order.

Q? Do you give discounts on order?

Yes, we do give discounts to our repeated customers or under some special offers.

Q? Can I pay for the order in installments?

We understand that students many times face financial problems and hence we offer them the flexibility of making payment in parts. However, students have to pay at least 50% of the amount in advance as the expert starts working on the order only after receiving 50% of the payment. Once the assignment is completed the student has to pay the remaining amount to get the assignment delivered in his/ her inbox.

For orders worth above 500 USD, the students can make payments in 3-4 installments. Even in this case, the entire solution will not be shared with the student until the full payment is received.