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Operator theory can be defined as the study of linear operators on function spaces. Some of the popular concepts in operator theory which can solve almost all problems of operator theory are dual space considerations, operators on Banach and Hilbert spaces, spectral results for Banach and Hilbert space operators, Spectrum of operators and polar decomposition.

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Few operator theory assignment topics on which we have successfully delivered “A” grade assignments and projects are:

  • Single Operator Theory

  • C*-algebras

  • Spectrum of Operators

  • Normal Operators

  • Compact Operators on Hilbert Spaces: Fredholm Theory

  • Spectral mapping theorem

  • Functions of self-adjoint operators

  • Riesz-Schauder theorem

  • Operator Algebras

  • L∞ Functional Calculus

  • Unitary Operators

  • Gelfand-Neumark Representation Theorem

  • Double Commutant Theorem

  • Projections

  • Spectral results for normal, self-adjoint and unitary operators

  • Hermitian Operators

  • Von-Neumann Algebras

  • Self adjoint Operators

  • Toeplitz operators

  • Reflexivity

  • Spectral radius formula

  • Dual space considerations

  • Positive Operators

  • Anti-Self adjoint Operators

  • Polar Decomposition

  • Eigen spectrum

  • Spectrum and resolvent

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