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Limit can be defined as a value that a function approaches when the input approaches some value. The below equation denotes that as x tends to a, f(x) approaches “N”  i.e. we can make f(x) be as close to “N” as possible by changing the value of “x” and moving the value towards “a”.

Limits and Continuity is challenging topic to understand as it is a combination of various concepts and many factors need to be taken into consideration while solving the Limit problems. Some of the popular concepts on which most of the limits and continuity problems revolve are: Limit as a function, limit as a sequence, limit as a standard part, topological net, convergence and fixed point. The application of the concepts is tough and many students face difficulties in understanding this and they come to us for help.

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Some of the topics on which our experts have provided limits and continuity assignment help to our highly satisfied clients across all academic level are:

  • Estimating Limits Numerically

  • Continuous Functions

  • Limits and Graphs

  • One Sided Limit

  • Squeeze Theorem

  • Computing Limits Algebraically

  • Limit of a sequence

  • Banach Limit

  • Limit in category theory – Direct limit and inverse limit

  • Estimating Limits Geometrically

  • Intermediate Value Theorem

  • Limits involving Infinity

  • Limit of a function

  • The Squeezing Theorem

  • Limit and Trig Functions

  • Limit and Exponential Functions

  • Asymptotes, Tangents and Secants

  • Cauchy sequence

  • Asymptotic analysis

  • Limit and Trigonometric Functions

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